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November 19, 2021

New Creed for the times of COVID

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Prof. Burgensis, OHMS (On His Majesty’s Service), plenipotentiary ambassador of the Kingdom of Spanadia to the Holy See, has shared with Allium Cepa the breaking news of a new Creed in the times of Covid by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faiths (as it is now called, see Motu Proprio “Roma locuta”, translated into English as “When in Rome”).

Please see photo attached of the original text, penned on a napkin (just like Eucharistic Prayer II of the New Mass) after having a delectable Caesar salad and cappuccino in a Roman restaurant, thus claiming some Romanitas and Tradition for the new Creed.

The Creed follows the new paths set by the Amazon Synod (“walking together”) and the encyclical Laudato Si on environmental issues, “for salvation is from the yews.”

I believe in COVID,

the virus almighty,

destructor of life and work,

and in our Government,

its only Sign and our Overlord,

created by the Holy Writ,

and in the Chief Medical Officer,

who suffered under the World Health Organization, instructed, bought, and created hell; on the third dose it got again more dead; acquired total power, and is seated at the right hand of Soros and Gates, almighty Godfathers, who will rule the living and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Covid,

the One World Order,

the communion of the vaxxed,

the effectiveness of the jabs,

the recovery of the body,

and the Great Reset everlasting. Amen and awomen.

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