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August 24, 2015

The Pope is Always Right

Written by  Michael Borish
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Michael Borish Michael Borish

Hello, my name is Michael Borish and I have a website called Church Militia TV. Unless you are living on another planet (don't worry, ET, we will meet in heaven!), you must be familiar with my work in defense of Real Catholicism. You see, I am a Real Catholic. However I cannot use that term because I am also an Obedient Catholic.   You might want to think of me as a traditional Catholic with a small "t", not to be confused with those nasty Traditional Catholics with a capital "T". Heaven forbid! Just because they adhere to what they call the True Faith doesn't mean they can criticize the Pope who doesn't have a clue about what the True faith is!

My main job is to expose lies and falsehoods in the New Church although it would be outrageous to blame the Second Vatican Council, which started this whole mess. Shame on those who do!! You know who they are. They are those stubborn restorationists living in the past who think they could turn back the clock to the Church's glory days. Fat chance! I'm staying on this side of the fence where my bread is buttered so to speak. The sad thing is I can't get them to shut down permanently because I get most of my material from them. It's kind of like a two-edged sword. You know what I mean!

In any event, my main focus is to protect the Pope from these raving maniacs. Don't they know the Pope is ALWAYS right simply because he IS the Pope??? If a Bishop, Cardinal or other prelate were to say and do the awful things the Pope is "supposedly" doing, I would really lambast them. If someday these same prelates were to be elected Pope, then I would eat humble pie and say how wrong I was. The Pope says we should be humble and, of course, he is right.

As a Real Catholic, I know that the Catholic Church is the one true Church established by Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for our salvation. However, as an Obedient Catholic, I must never criticize the Supreme Pontiff if he refers to other creeds and beliefs as worthy roads to Heaven and every religion must be given respect and honor even if it means he must kiss the Koran. Ecumenical services and meetings are a sure way to bring peace to the world even if those represented violently persecute Christians. If the Pope says even snake charmers and Satanists have their place in the world, then so be it!

As a Real Catholic, I love the beauty of mysticism of the Tridentine Mass. But as an Obedient Catholic, I must never criticize the New Mass because the Pope says it's OK and the Pope is always right. Regarding Our Lord's True Presence in the Holy Eucharist, I truly believe this because I am a Real Catholic. However, because I am an Obedient Catholic, I must never speak out against the terrible abuses because these abuses happen in the presence of the Pope and he never says a word and he is always right because he is the Pope.

I could go on and on, but you've got the picture. Please visit my website where lies and falsehoods are exposed (depending upon who's doing the lying, of course). Remember, the Pope is always right.

Please pray for me that when I am judged, Our Lord will see the Real Catholic, not the Obedient Catholic!

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