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August 20, 2015

Visions or Revisions

Written by  Cullen McQuitty
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When the commission’s findings are made public—after Pope Francis hears the verdict—the world will finally realize the truth about Medjugorje. Are the visions for real, or have we been duped?

For years there have been certain individuals who poo poo the claims made by these fine, exemplary Catholic visionaries. The naysayers will tell you the Blessed Virgin, in speaking to these stalwarts of the Faith, contradicts traditional Catholic doctrine; that she has told them things that are heretical! Really?


On top of that, these scoffers take umbrage at those who would poke fun at these young (well, aging as might be expected), seers because they have innocently reaped incredible profits from all the, the . . . oh what’s the word . . . some might say gudgeons? Ah, but I prefer to call the herds—that is to say hoards—aficionados; yes rain or shine, mud, or slim, these groups of spiritual troupers are not to be denied their Medjugorje pilgrimage bragging rights.

In addition to the smudging of the seer’s good names, there are the brazen faithless who actually doubt the word of our, three women and two men, Medjugorje presages who have sworn Our Lady appeared to them thousands of times. Consider this: she only appeared to the Fatima children what, six times? That alone ought to prove something.

Oh, and can you believe there are those who actually find fault with these privileged prophets for having beautiful homes, expensive clothing and eating fine food?

Imagine, if you will, what a struggle it would have been for these youngsters had the Virgin only appeared a few times. As the seer, Vicka has said, “Think about it: how would all this seem if the Virgin had appeared only ten or twenty times, and then disappeared. Why, in the hustle and bustle it would have been forgotten by now.” Someone said they overheard her whisper, “You know, if we hadn’t become seers we would have had to do menial work and would never have been able to afford our grand lifestyles . . . never!” So, I ask you, if the prophets profit a little, what’s the big deal?

Oh hey, I understand that during the Pope’s visit to Serajevo, his Paul VI pastoral staff busted. Can you believe it? You know, the ugly one. Now its held together with adhesive tape. Was Francis upset? Hey, he’s cool, it’s just another bonus break for his, let’s be poor and show it, crusade.


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