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August 23, 2016

BREAKING NOW: Pope Francis Naming First Woman Cardinal Featured

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Hillary Cardinal Clinton in the new lady cardinal suit Hillary Cardinal Clinton in the new lady cardinal suit

This just in from the front offices of the Vatican: The Holy Father has finally announced his decision to create, as first woman Cardinal of the Holy Catholic Church, Ms. Hillary R. Clinton.

As word started to spread this morning of this truly spirit-filled and revolutionary action by the Holy Father, the Vatican hallways became busily alive with enthusiastic ebullience. Although it was expected that at some point during his papacy Pope Francis would create a woman Cardinal the short list of candidates was always a mystery. The choice of Ms. Clinton was however, always highly suspect since she was so active in international women and children welfare projects. Ms. Clinton’s interest in health care for women and especially in the areas of contraception, sterilization and abortion are without precedent and her constant effort to limit child birth and children so that they would avoid being unwanted has long been consistent with Pope Francis’ global view of responsible sustainable development.

The world is becoming a smaller and more complicated place and even with the advancement of high definition global communications and modern travel ,the challenges of Climate Control and other environment concerns demand a firm, proven and knowledgeable hand on the levers of State that control global regulations. With this present comprehensive overview in mind it is, in the opinion of the Holy Father, the time to open the Vatican Doors and Windows to fresh new ideas in line with the Second Vatican Council’s Aggiornamento. It will be a daunting task for Ms. Clinton to hold the Office of President of the US while also serving as a Cardinal of the Catholic Church but, these are perilous times filled with uncertainty that require exceptional leadership and this is exactly what, in the opinion of Pope Francis, Ms. Clinton consistently brings to the table.

Close ties with the United States and the UN are exactly what Pope Francis is seeking and there is even a possibility that in return for Ms. Clinton’s Red Hat he, Pope Francis my become her first nominee for Supreme Court Justice. This would certainly be an ecumenical hallmark and the breakthrough to a New World Order we have all been praying for.

As this Year of Mercy proceeds gloriously to its Grand Finale the chains of rigorists and

restorationists from the Medieval Traditional Catholic Theocracy are falling from the conscience of those who were held for almost two thousand years restrained by dogmas and traditions and scriptural interpretations that did not take into account the feelings of man and of his direct phenomenology. Now due to the brilliance provided by the fathers of the Second Vatican Council, especially that of Karl Rahner, inhibitions, scruples and other deterrents to rational relativism are slowly but, surely being replaced with methods of accommodation and accompaniment for a New Church without barriers and behavioral requirements.        

Many people of the world are looking for a more reasonable and merciful Universal Church that is non-judgmental. A Church that takes the time to consider and include diverse cultures and strongly held personal values. The tradition that only accepts one definition of gender and one kind of marriage belongs in the trash bin of History and Pope Francis is on his way to breaking all those very same antiquated moral ceilings by implementing the extraordinary revolutionary changes that will redefine world religiosity. The combination and effect of the leadership shown by Ms. Clinton and Pope Francis is surely the best hope for a progressive road to peace, and one this world has long been waiting for.    

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