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March 24, 2016

Pope to Wash the Feet of Leonardo DiCaprio

Written by  Matthew Michaels
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'Hey, Leo. Want me to wash those?" 'Hey, Leo. Want me to wash those?"

The Vatican announced earlier this week that Pope Francis will wash the feet of young refugees during Mandatum of Holy Thursday this year. It wasn’t clear if non-Catholics would be among the refugees participating at an asylum center in Castelnuovo di Porto, north of Rome, but women will almost certainly be involved.

In a surprise announcement, Vatican official, Archbishop Rino Fishyello, later revealed that there will be at least one pair of Catholic male feet involved in the ceremony: those belonging to Hollywood heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Leonardo was raised a Roman Catholic,” said Fishyello, “and like most Catholics these days, he isn’t particularly religious. But he’s not an atheist, either…not that it would matter if he were, since Francis tells us atheists get to go to heaven too now.”

Within weeks of becoming pope, Francis stunned conservatives by washing the feet of women, Orthodox Christians and Muslims at a juvenile detention facility. In subsequent years, he has washed the feet of other Muslims and even a Brazilian Catholic transsexual at Rome's main prison.

Vatican rules had long called for only men to participate, and popes of the past traditionally performed the ritual on 12 Catholic men, recalling Jesus' 12 apostles and further cementing the doctrine of an all-male priesthood. But Francis in January changed the regulations to explicitly allow women to participate.

DiCaprio was kind enough to give A-CNN a comment: “Hey, I’m not a religious guy but this is sort of cool. I was selected by the pope during a recent audience. We were talking global warming, a big concern we both share, when he suddenly looked down and said: ‘Hey, Leo, want me to wash your feet?’.”

The Oscar winner said at first he wasn’t sure what the hell was going on. “But he really wanted me to do this, even though I’m not a woman or a Muslim. I think the fact that I’m a fallen away Catholic pleased him. This is one role I’m honored to play.”

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