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February 18, 2016

Pope of Surprises Announces New Mysteries in Honor of the Year of Mercy

Written by  M.T. Church
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I have an idea! I have an idea!

Pope Francis, the Humble One, has again stunned the world by announcing new Mysteries of The Rosary--The Mysteries of Mercy. "If Pope St. John Paul II can do it, so can I."   The Merciful Mysteries highlight events in the life of Christ which teach us how to be merciful to one another. Conversion is not merciful. Telling people they are sinning is not merciful. There is nothing merciful in reminding everyone about rules, rules and more rules! Live and let live. Let your conscience by your guide. Just be nice!

The following five events in Our Lord's public life are the New Merciful Mysteries given to us by Pope Francis, the Humble and Merciful:

First Mystery: Jesus Cleanses the Temple

The scriptural account of Jesus cleansing the Temple clearly shows His love of animals. Sheep and oxen were being abused by the sellers. When Our Lord turned over the tables in the market place, the animals were set free. We must always show mercy to all the creatures on earth.

Second Mystery: The Woman Taken in Adultery

Our Lord showed his mercy toward the woman accused of adultery who was sentenced to be stoned. This was the perfect "Who am I to Judge?" moment. "Let he who is without sin among you cast the first stone". We are all sinners. Sinning is a part of our nature. Mercy has nothing to do with conversion. Mercy has nothing to do with repentence and forgiveness. Just be merciful to a fellow sinner. Nobody's perfect.

Third Mystery: The Feeding of the Multitudes

The crowd had been following Jesus and his apostles all day and Jesus knew they must be tired and hungry. He also knew that he could not feed such a large number and that those who followed had hidden in their garments a small picnic for their family. No one was willing to display their food for fear they would have to share. Jesus knew if he and his apostles started to eat some fish and loaves of bread, all would follow. Jesus showed mercy for the crowd by setting an example that he was willing to share. This was a powerful lesson to show mercy on the hungry and feed the poor.

Fourth Mystery: The Encounter with Zacchaeus

Zacchaeus was very short and wouldn't be able to see Jesus, the man whom everyone seemed to be talking about. So he climbed a tree on the road where Jesus would pass. Seeing Zacchaeus, Jesus looked up and said: "Zacchaeus, make haste and come down, for I must stay in thy house today." Many people are small in stature. Be merciful. Invite them to have dinner with you. This simple act of mercy will make anyone feel "BIG".

Fifth Mystery: "Blessed are the Merciful"

These simple words of Jesus are the sum and summit of his ministry. How uncharitable it is to judge people by what they say and do or how they live their lives. Everyone must live according to their own individual conscience. What is wrong for one may be right for another. Be merciful in your judgements. Those who speak of sin, repentence and forgiveness are nothing more than pharisees filled with pride. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!!

A Plenary Indulgence is grant to all who replace the Sorrowful Mysteries on Tuesdays and Fridays with the New Merciful Mysteries. Mercy is so much nicer than Sorrow and more appropriate for the New Church of Nice.

God have Mercy on us all!

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