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September 29, 2015

Pope Francis Releases “Terra Peccamen Gravis” (Mortal Sins against the Earth)

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Quoting the Fifth Commandment: “You Shall Not Kill” and in particular the nuanced implication of deprivation of life caused by the denial of Climate Change the Holy Father has issued the edict that henceforth sins committed against the environment and the integrity of the earth will be in violation of the “Will of the Holy See.” As such they will be considered grave or mortal sins for which souls are condemned to everlasting Hell.

The dictum will be enforced concurrent with the “Year of Mercy” for which confessions will become available and licit even with the SSPX who are now considered irregular and by some schismatic.

Such sins against the earth will include thoughts, words and deeds contrary to the international UN definitions of environmental violations and the papal encyclical  LAUDATO SI’ ( on care for our common home) written by Pope Francis. It has also been established that Catholics have a duty and obligatory responsibility, under the Spiritual Works of Mercy, to reprove and instruct the sinner when such obtuse and inimical speech or behavior against the environment manifests itself in a public venue.

The Catholic Church will be working in tandem with the International Justice Court of the Hague and the United Nations Security Council to identify and restrain serious offenders so that their souls can be saved through remedial labor camp and reorientation centers.

Pope Francis, in consultation with the US Congress, Supreme Court and President Barrack Obama and his Whitehouse Staff has issued this motu proprio “Terra Peccamen Gravis” as a joint ecumenical religio-political effort in the ongoing struggle for “Sustainable Development”. The science of sustainable development was brought to the world’s attention by Professor Jeffery Sachs who says that the earth must rid itself of five billion humans. Professor Sachs, although being Jewish, has been made a member of the Pontifical Academy of Science and now offers insight and instructions as to the understanding of Climate Change and the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis wishes all to make a good confession in the Year of Mercy after a serious examination of conscience and the now mandatory reading of Laudato Si’ in group therapy reconciliation centers. Forgiveness and absolution is based on a firm purpose of amendment and a sincere intention to do all we can to promote the cause of Sustainable Development for mother earth. Penances would range from a year in the Gulag Reorientation and Labor Center to a week of highway trash collection.

The Holy Father has expressed his enthusiasm and confidence that the world will make a much nicer home if there were only less people in it. Pope Frances in the strictest sense warns the Faithful: “To deny Climate Change is now an offence so grave that it carries with it a self-excommunication or Latæ Sententiæ from the Catholic Church and after the Year of Mercy only Bishops will have the authority to give absolution.”

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